It has recently been announced that Apple has more cash in the bank than the U.S. Government. This isn’t too bad for a company which was on the edge of oblivion just a few short years ago. They must be doing something right surely? Let’s take a look at five of the top reasons as to why Apple are so successful as a company.

They Know how to Innovate

This is perhaps the biggest factor in the success of Apple. They know how to create products that are a cut above the rest. Did you know that tablet computers existed before the iPad came into existence? Surprisingly, many people don’t realise this. These tablet computers were mostly in use by businesses however. Apple managed to innovate by crafting a product which was aimed at the consumer market and including all the features consumers wanted. Likewise, they managed to innovate with their iPhone (despite similar phones existing on the market) and of course on their most popular product thus far, the iPod. In short, Apple knows exactly how to craft products that the masses want.

Apple Knows how to Brand

Apple are hardly the cheapest products in existence, in fact, there are many products out there which do exactly the same job. However, Apple still manages to pick up the majority of sales however. This is because they know how to brand properly, they know how to make their product appeal. If you purchase an Apple product, you know that you are going to get the highest quality service possible. This is why many people turn to Apple. The brand is perhaps one of the strongest things the company has going for them, they can literally slap their brand name on any product they wish, and you can be sure that it is going to be a hit.

The Products are Easy to Use

One of the major points of Apple is crafting products that are incredibly simple to use for consumers. Let’s face it, it is much easier to browse about the Apple Operating System than it is to browse about the Android Operating System. Since they use a standard operating system between all of their devices, it really is simple to jump from one to the other and you will still know what is going on! Try to do this with competing products on the market, it simply isn’t possible. When you purchase an Apple device, you are pretty much tied in for life.

Apple Doesn’t Make Products for the Sake of It

One of the philosophies at the Apple design department is that they will only create products which they know they can make better than the competition. Apple simply does not make products for the sake of it. A company isn’t built on this sort of success. You will never find a poor quality Apple product being released, and thus customers have come to know and trust the company.

Apple Ecosystem

The Apple Ecosystem is sublime. Nowadays you can share the products that you purchase on the iPad between your iPhone and your iPod devices. This will continue for as long as the operating system exists. This is great, as people are pretty much ‘tied’ into the eco system, and thus they will always want to purchase the latest Apple product instead of something else as they don’t want to run the risk of losing their products. This is the same sort of system which Apple are trying out. It will never work for Google as the ecosystem isn’t brand specific.