It seems that Tablet Computers nowadays are out-performing laptops and desktop computers in terms of sales. In fact, the majority of businesses are supplying staff members with tablet computers in order for work to be carried out as opposed to kitting them out with laptops. Let’s take a little look at some of the reasons as to why Tablets are a practical alternative to laptops.

Tablet Computers are more Portable

Whilst both devices are renowned for their portability, it seems that the laptop is beaten to the post by the tablet computer. It is just so much lighter and takes up very little space in a bag. It really is perfect for carrying around for hours upon end, especially when you are trouncing from place to place. In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons as to why tablets are a practical alternative to a laptop.

Tablet Computer can do Almost Everything a Laptop Can Do

Tablet Computers are now more sophisticated than they have ever been. Whilst in the past you were pretty much limited to simple applications and a couple of games, the functionality of tablet computers seems to have spread all the way to laptop territory. For example, you can now carry out intense word processing on a tablet computer, or perhaps play a pretty ‘hard core game’. Some tablets can even be ‘converted’ to a laptop by way of a keyboard being attach. They are not quite as powerful as a laptop yet, but the functionality certainly is there for most people.

Battery Lasts Longer on a Tablet Computer

One of the top reasons as to why businesses uses tablet computer nowadays is the fact that the battery lasts much longer than a laptop, whilst still having the majority of the functionality. This is ideal for ‘business users’ who work on the road. They don’t have to run the risk of the battery dying on them randomly and not having any way to charge it. It is also useful for the more casual user who just wants to be ‘entertained’.

Tablet Computers can be So Much More

Remember what I said about the functionality being similar with a tablet? Well, there are a number of features in a tablet computer that you can make use of that it is simply not practical to use a laptop for. For example, you could use your tablet computer as an ‘e-book reader’, a ‘portable cinema’ and even a portable music player. Basically, anything you want. This replaces a number of other devices which you would have had to lug around otherwise. Sure, it doesn’t do some of these jobs as well, but it does them a lot better than a laptop would.

Fast to Use a Tablet Computer

Want quick access to a certain function but don’t want to wait a long time for a laptop to boot up? Then a tablet computer is able to provide you with assistance. You can browse the web, check emails and even view your calendar in a couple of seconds, in fact, you could have done all of that before the laptop has even booted up.