More and more people are turning towards DIY Green Roof construction. These types of roof are perfect for saving energy, and thus saving you money. They also help you save the world ‘bit by bit’. However, like with most DIY projects, this isn’t something which is easy to undertake. That is why I offer you my top 5 tips for a building a DIY Green Roof Construction.

Know What you are Doing

I know it seems very manly to just jump in on a project not knowing what to do. However, this is a very stupid idea. If you don’t what you are doing then you simply will not be able to do the job correctly. This is not only going to cause aggravation, but could potentially cost you more money in the long run. Take your time to browse about the internet beforehand and absorb as much information that you possibly can about roof construction. Print off the best information and always have it to hand when you are constructing your DIY Green Roof.

Buy a Modular Green Roof

I know the temptation is there to do everything yourself, but for a DIY homeowner this isn’t practical, and it is incredibly difficult. So why not pick up a modular Green Roof? You can fit this yourself, it is slightly easier, and you will still be able to obtain all of the benefits of DIY Green Roof Construction. What’s not to love about this?

Have Everything you Need to Hand

Nothing is worse than starting a project and realising that you don’t have everything that you need to build the roof, whether it be materials or tools. Check what you have before you build the roof and make sure everything you need is there. Ideally you will have a checklist. You should be able to find plenty of guides online about what exactly you need to build a DIY Green Roof Construction, so always look at these guides.

Get a Structural Engineer to Sign Off the Roof

This of course isn’t important if you are constructing a green roof. This of course isn’t so important if you are lining the roof of a shed or similar. However, if you are starting a DIY Green Roof Construction project on the roof of your home then you will want to ensure that it is as safe as possible. You will then want to call a structural engineer in to sign off the project, to carry out inspections to ensure everything is working properly. This is probably going to be one of the best decisions that you have ever made with regards to your roof, so please do not skimp on this.

Purchase the Best Quality Materials Possible

This again is another important step. You want the materials that you use to build your Green Roof to be the highest possible quality. After all, they are going to be exposed to the elements. Poor quality materials don’t last long, and they could potentially end up costing you more money in the long run.