I really do hail the inventor of the USB port on computers. I am pretty sure he didn’t realise how something that was so useful has had some many non-useful items designed for it. However, there are still a few worthwhile things out there that are worth a purchase, and this article is going to highlight some of the best of them! These are my top 5 USB Gadgets that you should certainly own for your computer.

USB Fans

Sitting around your computer all day can be pretty hot, and I don’t mean that in a good way. So what better way to cool down then whipping out a rather nifty USB fan? It doesn’t consume the power a standard fan would consume, and thus it is ideal for the budget conscious amongst us. Many of them are also able to send out a pretty lovely breeze. Basically, a USB Fan is perfect for cooling down on a warm summer’s day.

Digital Photo Key Chains

You won’t need a USB to power these, but you certainly will need a USB slot to upload images to them. These fantastic devices are perfect for people who simply cannot decide what picture they want on their key ring. Can’t decide your favourite dog, child, girlfriend or gadget, then stick a picture of all of them on these nifty gadgets and allow it to cycle through all of them! Don’t accidently stick embarrassing pictures of yourself on there as I saw somebody do once, that won’t end nicely at all!

USB Beverage Warmer

I was hard pressed to decide whether this was useful or not, that was until I realised that after being hard at work writing for hours upon end my coffee had ended up getting cold. That situation where I managed to spit cold coffee all over my monitor could have been rectified if I had a USB Beverage Warmer in place, and thus, this is an incredibly useful gadget, and if you don’t one already, then you are stupid.

USB Battery Charger

As you can probably guess from the name, this nifty little device charges batteries. There are a variety of different models out there, but generally you will be able to charge AA and AAA batteries. Perfect if you want to have some on the go before sticking into a wireless keyboard or mouse which looks like it could lose power any time soon.

USB Refrigerator

Working on a long hard project that you simply cannot escape from, even for a quick cold drink? Then you need one of these! It allows you to keep a drink (or anything else) to hand, and staying cold. This means you can grab it whenever you want. This is useful, although I am not sure every computer owner out there will agree with me. Each too their own though!

This is just a small smattering of the items you can plug into your USB slot. Bet you were surprised at just how useful it could be.