Brought to you by ML Solar LLC, this 500 solar cell DIY Kit is an upgrade to its younger brother, the 40 solar cell DIY kit. If you’re looking to build a huge arrangement of solar panels, this kit allows you to generate up to 900w (watts) of electricity. Each cell is a multi-crystal solar cell with 1.8 watts or 3.6 amps of power. The kit includes everything that you need and is packaged with wire, 50′ bus, 3 flux pens and diode. Each cell is 3″ x 6″. If you want to build your own solar panels and generate electricity, this is the ultimate DIY kit to get you started.


  • Huge package, over 500 solar cells included!
  • Everything you need – tabbing, bus, flux and diode
  • An excellent opportunity for building solar panels on your own