Our life is made so much easier with gadgets, but many of us simply do not have the hundreds of dollars that some companies are asking for the latest technology. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of devices out there which are priced well under $100, and they are still pretty cool. I am searched the length and breadth of the internet to deliver you some of the best of them.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Cutting into a pizza has never been as exciting. This fantastic gadget allows you to use a pizza cutter in the shape of the Starship Enterprise (That’s what it’s called right?). It comes supplied in a lovely padded box and thus it makes a great gift. I can think of plenty of uses for this gadget, but impressing the ladies is certainly not one of them. You would probably be the coolest one at your dungeon and dragons night though, and that is what counts.

Tetris Lights

Ever since I first laid my eyes upon this gadget I have bleated on about it time and time again to my friends. It is actually pretty amazing. This light is formed by a number of Tetris blocks and you can rearrange them how you like, this ensures that every lighting system looks totally different!

Solar Charger

This is just a generic term. I don’t really have a specific product in mind here, the majority of solar chargers out there are sub-$100. Wouldn’t it be handy to charge your devices on the go, most of us have probably been caught short and need to make a phone call. Solar Chargers enable us to give your phone a quick boost of energy, even if you are miles from the nearest wall outlet.

IControl Helicopter

Ok, you do need to own an iPhone for this, but everybody and their dog owns one right? Basically from a downloadable iPhone application you will be able to control a flying RC Helicopter. I mean come on, how cool is that? (very cool is the answer by the way)

Heated Gloves

As the winter sets in your hands are going to get very cold. So why not combat the cold with heated gloves? You will be the envy of all of your friends, and thus, that instantly makes you cool (even if they say you aren’t!) Just stick your hands in these and you will be nice and toasty whilst your friends look like ice cubes.

Hamster Racers

Every had that argument that your hamster is faster than a friend’s hamster? I sure have, and up until these were invented there was no way to decide who had the better hamster. I am certainly throwing this in the cool camp, even if you don’t think so. I mean, what can be better than sticking your hamster in a little car and seeing them race against each other? Hours of fun right here, and all for an incredibly low price!

iCade for iPad

Want to relive those times of old where you spent hours down the arcade hammering away at those machines? Now you can, although you do need an iPad to use it! (as the name suggests)