There are plenty of gadgets out there in the world, but it is clear that a number of them are geared towards a specific gender. This is incredibly handy if you are trying to purchase a gadget for someone as a gift. In this article we are going to take a little look at the key differences between gadgets for guys and gadgets for girls.

Gadgets for Girls tend to be more practical

From my experience, the gadgets that have been expressly designed for females are much more practical. This means they basically have a use, and it is something that you are going to be using all the time. Guys gadgets tend to be more of a ‘status symbol’ and something that you will use once or twice before never returning to it, except to show it off.

Gadgets for Girls tend to bring out creativity

Gadgets that are made for females tend to spur on creativity, for example, gadgets which are designed to be ‘musical’ or ‘artistic’. Guys gadgets don’t really do this all too much, sure there are a couple of musical based gadgets but these aren’t meant to spur on creativity. When guys gadgets do have creativity, they are normally asking you to ‘build’ something.

Gadgets for Girls are Designed Just for Girls

The gadgets that are made for females tend to be just for females, you can tell that easily from the way that they look and feel. Gadgets for guys on the overhand seem to overlap between the two genders, and whilst they are still predominantly focused on males, they can quite easily be used by either gender.

Guys Gadgets are more tech heavy

Gadgets for guys tend to place a much greater focus on technology, i.e. they tend to be electronic products which can make a job easier. Girls gadgets on the other hand are not ‘technical’ marvels, and as mentioned beforehand, tend to be much more practical.

Guys Gadgets tend to be ‘Boyish’

I know I mentioned this for girls earlier, but a number of guy gadgets tend to be focused on very manly things, for examples, cars and violence. You would never see this in gadgets aimed for girls which are normally very ‘cutesy’.

Girls Gadgets tend to be decorations

The majority of female gadgets I have seen tend to be focused as being decoration, whilst at the same time also remaining practical. For example, you wouldn’t want to see the majority of ‘guy focused’ gadgets on display around your house.

Guys Gadgets are More Expensive

Companies know that guys thrive on gadgets, and thus many of these are priced at a higher point. Of course, this is also in part to the technology that is included in them.

This is just a small overview of the differences between gadgets for males and females. Truth be told though, just grab something that you know the person you are purchasing for could benefit from.