Pay per install is steadily turning out to be the rage of the modern times. It would be good for the entrepreneurs learning a few facts about it giving them appropriate guidance and lead.

A new concept in the online business is pay per install. Everywhere you will hear about it but the problem is that you and many people like you may not have the faintest of ideas about what it is and how it works. This brief guide aims at highlighting different aspects of the pay per install applications online and its efficient use.

How Pay Per Install Works

First question that will naturally crop up is how pay per install works. To illustrate we may take an example. Consider that someone is playing a free game offering the player virtual currencies like World of Warcraft gold to obtain more weapon and add various additional levels. This is exactly where the pay per install comes into play and it will come up with an “offer wall” for the player that can be downloaded once or can be bought out. In lieu of such download and installation of the application the player is given additional virtual currencies as well as access to the next levels of the game.

Charges that Owner Pay
On installation of the free or paid application, Tapjoy or Flurry will charge the owner of the application with a fee for the same. Such fees could be anywhere in the range of 25-99 cents or even more. Charges depend on the agreement entered into between the client and the provider. Such charges are always paying per install. Since Tapjoy and Flurry have access to millions of users they will have the clear ability to inspire lots and lots of downloads and will also inspire the downloading clients to install these applications.

Those That Inspire Download
Basically, pay per install is downloading the program. Like Tapjoy and Flurry, Textfree+ also has access to millions of viewers. This is one place where one can get the incentivized program of providing expanded calling minutes for free provided that the user downloads applications. Since downloads are the metric used in the application stores, huge downloads can change the ranking of an application in the store.

The Apple Strategy Changes
Sometimes back Apple started rejecting those applications that used incentivized programs in built. Reasons for such rejection by apple was that these incentivized applications were violating the provisions laid won in Section 3.10 of the Developer’s guidelines. Incidentally the guideline prohibits use of manipulated methods of achieving chart ranking on the Apple stores through such incentivized programs. The regulation is stringent about use of fake or paid reviews as well as other inappropriate methods and states that the applications resorting to such practices would be removed from the apple store ranking lists.

Leveling the Playing Field
As Apple believes that such unfair practices adopted by some that helps quick downloads, it is putting a lot of companies off balance and are also scrambling to figure out what to do. Some also advance the argument that such methods are unfair and will allow some of the wealthy developers to game the system. Thus Apple believes that they are only trying to level the field for all.

Pay Per Install Developer’s Role
Companies that were facilitating the downloads like Tapjoy, Flurry, and Textfree+ are now getting involved in bilateral dialogue with Apple to ensure that they are able to continue their services in a manner that is acceptable to Apple. For this they are trying to cap the pay per install to a percentage that will ensure that no application can get the desired ranking only by allowing incentives and download alone. Thus they will be able to continue business model while neither violating the provisions laid down in Section 3.10 and will not be banned by Apple either. To sum up; these companies are now developing strategies so that no application will be able to get into the top 25 ranking with downloads alone. According to the strategies developed by them, Apple is to get the top list only through user recommendations; longer usage, engagements as well as good reviews of the applications involved and not just through download. However, the response of Apple on the proposed strategies is yet to be received. Apple is also in dialogue with a number of developers that are using the functionality of download for promoting their applications like Apple IOS 5 and iCloud.

How to Go For Pay Per Install
However what Apple will do is a matter that can be known only in the future. Meanwhile it would be good knowing what the best way to approach in using pay per install is. Here are a few steps that will lead you on the way of installing and using pay per install applications.

  • Install small amount of code from providers like Flurry, Tapjoy, or Textfree+.
  • Thereafter you should leave the application on which you have downloaded the code for some times till the problems are worked out.
  • See whether they allow the incentivized program to continue, even with limitations, then at least the code base would have been installed on the application.
  • With such installed code you can enable it at any time. Hence you will also dispense the necessity to resubmit the application for approval if you decide at later time to add their code to your application.
  • On the other hand if the program is stopped altogether, still it will not be wrong to have the code installed on your program as they will not be used for the purpose stated.
  • When the vendors would change their business model to traditional ads, then you will have the code ready and that can be again used for the purpose for which they were installed and for gathering statistics on how the application is doing.

Understanding the Core of Pay Per Install
Before anything else you have to understand the core of pay per install program and about the earning potential it offers. Basically PPI is one of the business models in the line of pay per click or PPC where they pay for ay per click on their ads. However, there is one basic difference between the two. Here people do not click on the ads and instead gets to install a file. These files are used as promotional application.

How Much One Can Earn
How much a person can earn working with the PPI companies?
There are claims about earning in the range of $5,000-$7,000 per day using the pay per install business. Though that may seem a bit unrealistic it can be safely said that one can have a decent earning using the process. A user can easily earn in the range of $500 a day using the process and that is no mean earning either. As the user gains in experience and confidence, he or she can earn even more with it. At the same time not much of time is required to be invested either; a couple of hours will do.

Way of Getting Started

For starting with the pay per install you need a few prerequisites.

  • First of all; you need bittorent client installed on your system.
  • This application is available for free at
  • Thereafter you will have to find out a PPI company like the Luxecash or the CodecMoney.
  • While CodecMoney gives you more, it Luxecash that is less detectable. Therefore despite the fact that the former pays more in terms of pay per install it may be good going for someone like the Luxecash.
  • A better option would be registering with both and finding out which of the two works best for you.
  • After registering with either of the above or any such provider site, you have to download their exe first of all.
  • Specific region of the website would be there where you can download the exe. For instance; they are available for download at Installation Files in LuexCash and under Promo in CodecMoney.

Precautions While Downloading
There are some sites that load their exe files with virus, malware and spyware. Hence after downloading the file the user would better not open it so that the spyware or malware does not settle on their systems. Opening the file could be harmful as the spyware or malware will install on the system without the user even knowing it. Therefore it would be good downloading the file into a new folder and put it on the desktop for easy access. After this the user will need to download some files to bind or combine with the downloaded exe. Some sites are there on the web that offer such exe files for free downloads and some of them are quite popular as well.

The Binding Process
Once the user is in with some exe files, next he or she should start binding them with their respective personal exe file.

  • Users that already have a personal binder can skip this step and continue on further process.
  • Those do not have personal binder can download the free binder or use the one that comes free with the Windows PC.
  • The process is not very complicated and downloading a binder only requires a single or double clicks installation that completes within a few seconds.

Installing the Binders
The process of installing the binders whether free download or others is simple. The steps below will help you accomplish the task.

  • Go to your desktop and click on “Run” menu.
  • On the emerging run window type in “iexpress” and then click on “OK”.
  • Click “next” twice when “iexpress” opens up.
  • Put up any title you like and proceed with a couple of clicks on “next’ button again.
  • Again use the “next” button.
  • On the add files screen add the exe file first that user has downloaded from the PPI company prior to getting involved in the process.
  • Clicking the “next” button again one can reach “Install Program to Launch”.
  • Install your downloaded exe file.
  • Click ‘next’ and choose the location for installation of the file and click ‘next’ again.
  • Select “No Restart” and click “next”.
  • Select “No Save” and click “next”
  • Clicking on “next” button one more time ensures that you have your total package.

Not Complicated Process
On the face of it the process may seem a bit complex but in reality it is not. Those that do not wish to go through the exhaustive albeit a little lengthy process above may use some purchased binder. Simple binders are also available for free download. The use of binder is meant to combine the silent installer that you have downloaded from the PPI company with a real exe file. When the other program that is combined with the installer will make the installer installed on the system and once the user is able to install the silent installer and activate it you will start getting paid.

Illustrative Example
An example will illustrate the process effectively. If you download the “Fraps Fully Cracked Setup File” from the website named then you will have to bind the exe file of Frap with the silent installer using the binder. In the process you will have a new package. Give it a name of your choice and run and use the application. For running the application you can turn it to a torrent and re upload on to the original application on some of the torrent sites. In the next step it would be required turning the package or combined file into a torrent and then uploading it back on to a torrent site. Opening up the UTorrent earlier downloaded earlier you can start running the application.

Pay per install application is something that is now making steady inroads in to the earlier dominance of play per click and such other online earning methods. That is why many consider it as the most effective money making method around.