A new phone we are revealed: LG Flip II or LG Maxx QMost gadgets have the gift to make known their existence long before the manufacturer to announce drum-rolled and trumpets. This time, the device that Android phone unveiled the world is a dual-screen LG brand.

The Terminal appeared nowhere in the press event in London, supported by the phone operator Orange.

In the center of the slide-out keyboard is a small touchscreen, which integrates quick launch buttons for eight applications. This means that the user will no longer be forced to return to home screen every time I want to access another application.

The design presents some similarities with the LG Optimus 7Q around speaker’s head, and the four control buttons below the touch screen seem to remember the LG Optimus 2 x or Optimus Black.

The rear Chamber is LED, but do not provide clues about the number of pixels ii owns.The name of the handset’s also remains a mystery, although there have been voices who have stated that this could be the LG Flip II or LG Maxx Q.