Generally, we know, there are usually a stylus printer, inkjet and laser printer, but may not be noticed in our environment, almost all goods in heat transfer technology for printing labels, for example, open a shell phone you can see inside the dense bar code label, the overall high level of wheat heat pack print head located on a label is usually a sticker barcode. Besides buying clothes, tag clothing is also usually printed with thermal transfer printing, and the train station to buy train tickets, boarding passes, luggage tags, etc., also use thermal printing technology, especially in the back part, almost all electrical devices, some using thermal transfer technology to print the labels, if more the laptop has a variety of ways to print labels. Why should you use thermal transfer printing

, heat transfer can be created;
Like many places, should be required to withstand the test of time, the text must be the same kind of long-term preservation, not faded, not because of contact with solvents, wear, not because of the high temperature deformation of color, and so forth, so it is necessary to use a special print media and printed materials to ensure their properties, general Ink printing technology can not be achieved, lasers can not be achieved, but the result of the stylus and original design does not comply, it does not appear thermal transfer technology. Thermal technology, simply, is to use a special cable, which is similar to faxing the print head, coated graphite ribbon with the heating mode, the paper transfers or other types of materials such as bands of the coating material can be selected according to their needs, resulting in strong adhesion, along with the selected media to ensure the best writing  print does not apply to external influences. And this heat, how heat can give your computer to manage the current has developed a variety of specialized software for printing labels, so users can say it is very convenient, especially for general production label bar code, bar code symbols production and therefore the type of software.

Overall design of the printer, usually to form the A4 paper and print it on paper plates, some people must be specially ordered another, especially economic and non-print works in times of hours the number of print volumes that are available to reach thousands of these printers are available in the market can not be completed, you can design a small paper, the printer can print in quick succession arose. Common Market Argox printer every minute you can print up to 10 meters long and 2 cm with a label if it is equal to one minute to print 500th Dedicated label printer , the need for the plant in conjunction with a scanner or keyboard You can operate independently and do not necessarily have to be able to operate a personal computer, photo printer, the same as now, it is possible to read the data is no longer rely on the computer, eliminating the need for further investment in the factory. Thermal transfer printer determines the print quality is good or bad results, the market for a printer other than the grounds of price but also consider the quality of the time of purchase, whether manufacturers should pay attention to technical assistance, at the sale of a security that the seller should pay attention to technical ability, etc., as they often appear in print labels, more specifically designed for printers and printing from the normal amount of larger families, more complex work environment. Some entered the printer profile is beautiful, but no formal office, home, most rely on informal import agent for some part-time sales, buy  after-sales service and spare parts often can not meet the needs of customers, problems arise when products, health accessories are an important problem is likely if the problems of product quality, or limited parts, the product has been discontinued for some time abroad. Moreover, it is important to choose literature, certainly not the most expensive thing is the most appropriate thing, because it must be compatible printer and print media. There are already more people will understand the benefits of thermal transfer is not simply the product upgrade is the role of the only products that are an important tool for enhancing governance. If you read this manual should have a lot of catches.