Allview F3 Sensy a new Dual SIM smartphone

Allview F3 Sensy

Allview Sensy F3 is a Dual SIM touchscreen phone with a 3.2 inch screen, 3.2 MP camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth. F3 Sensy range of mobile stands in the menus Allview customizable, dynamic and friendly intuitive Order all functions. Thus, the main menus, Shell, Widget and App facilitates easy access to all features this phone offers a complex multi sensory experience.

The phone also is an ideal companion for communicating through written messages, thus, to type quickly and with great dexterity F3 Sensy propose three different types of keyboards for writing messages: a QWERTY one or a classic writing manual. Complementary three keyboards add function copy / paste text that links sentences and words can be inserted into other text modules.