Restructuring of the tobacco companies and cigarette brands to further improve the concentration, the relative stability of the entire production of a batch of printed Jiang Dedaojiaoda chips to improve the conditions, known as gravure Dagui Mo 这种 print come into play. During the printing process, gravure printing ink with high saturation ink is good, structured, colorful.
In addition to the printing of high-volume, high speed operation, so that within a short time to complete the bulk of the gravure printing products and printing quality is stable, the same product can be implemented without color.
According to incomplete statistics, the country mainly on cigarette packaging printing more than 200, most of the gravure printing companies in the production line. In Yunnan there is only 6-8 color gravure printing of more than 50 production lines.
Line (electronic shaft) drive technology
propose the notion of implementation, no technology drive shaft in China has undergone years of development. So far, we have seen, not only to compensate for the technology without a drive shaft outputs, such as MAN Roland, KBA, and the North were the other manufacturers Gauss introduced the corresponding devices, respectively, in gravure printing in the field, despite under-known foreign manufacturers, such as local producers have shaft drive technology implemented an effective device for accelerating China’s Fazhan gravure, gravure improve product quality. Drive shaft was a new technology platform for web gravure printing, gravure printing machine is now one of the three key technologies (well, shaft drive, car printing, sleeve type impression cylinder).
Shaftless done over the next few years will continue to engraving machine of the most important technological development, a variety of uses gravure printing machine using  shaftless.
Shaftless technology is widely used as a continuous printing equipment, transmission control system to produce a revolutionary impact. There is no axis and carrying mostly in Japan and Europe, but made only minimal use in gravure printing machine. Development of domestic systems, it is a radical innovation in the domestic press gravure
The most common solution packages, Gravure. Gravure printing machine drum machine line cutting a large sheet
The industry consolidation of production in a large number of packets, a quick orientation, which provides equipment to implement a gravure platform. Exercise equipment is effective properties of a thick ink printed on cigarette packs easily reach thousands of pieces of printing an important advantage. Now, very much in line with the printing companies pack of cigarettes to select the category of rotary gravure printing machine is online  cutting a large sheet of engraving machine (electronic shaft) device, since the rotary gravure press, and cutting a long line machine card will be web printed products on-line cutting advertising pages is suitable for mass production at the same time if it can guarantee the smooth processing of 烟标. Both foreign and domestic producers of such equipment to meet changes in market demand.
Composite transfer of color gravure printing unit 9, the complex numbers, transportation, general printing, UV gravure printing in one unit, it is also an engraving on a separate disk. All units of the device open-book, transfer, complex devices, six groups of normal office printing machine, two groups of UV block printing, some large horizontal sheets and other items can be linked to the compound or delivery of gold and silver cardboard, and printed just an entity separate unit, you can avoid seams web laser , break the wheel can not be limited to a laser engraving Zhang internet.
transition from fixed-length composite part production line
Link fixed film tensile strength of composite holographic color gravure transfer section of the line folding carton gravure. Holographic film with constant length stretch, liquid composite connection, linking or connecting transport, can significantly reduce the rejection rate was significantly lower cost. Line is a modular architecture, a patented technology, high costs and so on
Modular – Module Four. “Zero speed” butt, down a large part of the liquid compound Transfer (Pinpoint): color printing (in conjunction with the second set, the 隹 function), printed after the line item (the volume of the intersection of income, etc.) :
— Two key patented technology and patents: Composite printing machine operators (domestic exclusive right to manufacture and sell) a fixed-length stretch  wet laminating machine:
Cost effective – the record or near the level of foreign equipment: import prices are not only drawn by 1,3 / 4

holding a printing process from the earliest years of printing on the packaging of cigarettes to increase profits, which leading to a large number of companies involved in the printing industry cigarette packaging printing industry, especially in Guangdong and Shenzhen, near the printing business, creating an increasingly competitive cigarette packaging printing, the results led to the design and printing cigarette packaging process more complicated, gravure, offset, flexo, screen printing, UV printing technology is a battle in which two or three cigarettes print is printed across many products are also in the process of printing.
In this case, the initial velocity of the gravure rotary press is no longer adapted to the demands of different ways to combine printing  on packets of cigarettes, significantly reduces its flexibility. At that time, a cheap ride a wave of domestic color gravure printing machine, combination of different technologies has significant positive factor in the state of packages printing. According to suppliers of equipment with sheet-fed gravure printing, sheet-fed gravure printing machines in Taiwan today, the installed capacity is about 200, most manufacturers have a sheet fed offset press. Deciding to press sheet-fed gravure designed to offset an existing, hollow rubber compound to reach for high quality, low cost printing. A combination of rubber technology, now more than 90% of Au is used for high quality printing of cigarette packaging.
Cigarette packaging, printing and more powerful companies will purchase a larger investment portfolio, printing production lines, an important part of  printing application pack of cigarettes.
A combination of results Print print
combined scores led packages to an unprecedented level, and a print order has a complete game, get to know each other, so the trend. To use offset printing plus web graphics and gradient models, using the advantages of a thick layer of ink, gravure ink stability, printing a large area of land, and spot colors, gold and silver, imitation pearl paint and a variety of metal inks printmaking. If you need special effects finish could be a silk-screen printing process, such as grinding, Ice, Crystal, wrinkles, etc.. Therefore, offset, gravure, screen any combination of the three that strong cigarette unparalleled visual arts. Now after treatment technology. A sweep of the gold, UV partial glazing, gilding, from the round, and most packages the icing on the cake, wonderful, wonderful
While the problems of printing technology in conjunction with the printing surface  can bring good results, but the variability is also likely to create instability and increase the printing costs of product quality. Suitable combination of process change and technology is appropriate and beneficial, but too much can easily disrupt the process and the quality of printed material, such as a combined process of enlargement, in turn, is when the sampling is very beautiful, but when put into mass production, quality is difficult to remain relatively stable.
combination of printing companies to print the purchase order, if the placement of their products, E3 is not only what to do nex
t, but also understand that after 3-5 years to do, which is a combination of printing equipment and capabilities of our product range to be requirements, customer requirements P, taking into account the quality, functionality and services  choose their own configuration.