Bada OS Web 2.0 reaches early as ROM for Samsung Wave IISamsung Wave II’s owners will enjoy to learn that can test the new OS’s from Samsung, Bada OS 2.0. This version does not terminate, or the official language, but she ended up on the web in the form of a CD-ROM DRIVE for handsetul Wave II.

We remind you that Bada OS is a platform developed in-house by Samsung, in order to save the amounts paid for the licensing of various operating systems. Last stable version and official dates back to December and is Bada 1.2, so it was time for an update. Bada 2.0 looks much better than its predecessors, in particular as regards the Home page.

It now has a look more business, and Samsung has included four icons at the bottom of the screen (lets call it Dock, like on Android and iOS), instead of 3. You should note however that the software is not completed and he can block handsets Wave II.