There are many solar chargers for iphone and other smartphones, but we brings you the best solar charger for phones, made by PowerSkin. This solar power charger comes in blue silicone case with plastic solar panel and it has designation OP1001. This charger provides up to 1000 mAh of power which will give your phone up to 300 minutes of talking time. Charger comes with Micro-USB connector which 90 % of new phones have, but also, if your phone does not have Micro USB connector you can buy cable for your phone. PowerSkin chareger is perfect for attaching it on you bag or even your jacket. With this amazing charger you can also charge battery indoors if there is some light and on the sun, because this charger thanks to advanced solar panel generates 50% more power than any other solar powered charger for phones. We forgot to mention that it has built-in battery. Once battery is fully charged you will see LED green light and you can connect and start to charging your phone, tablet or any other device with Micro USB charger. Price of PowerSkin OP1001 Solar Chargercharger is $69.99 and it is available on power-skin website shop. If you are adventurer or spent lot of time out of house and in nature this charger will be perfect solution for you, you can easily put solar charger somewhere on the light or sun and start to charging your phone.