BlackBerry Bold 9980 Smartphone Porsche Edition

BlackBerry Bold 9980 Porsche Edition

A BlackBerry for Holders of Porsche appeared on sources, and if HE HAD Not Been Submitted by the site in China, I have HAD Doubt cast on it, if it’s a fake or a future model developed in the Special Edition.

But, until We find out the Truth about this model, the first to Give credence to Rumors That We say the Bold That family, with the original 9980 model, Would Be addressed to Holders of Porsche redesigned, keyboard, and seems to Be Even the Creation of the Famous Porsche Design Department.

BlackBerry Bold 9980 Porsche Edition Comes with metal casing, touch pad, OS BlackBerry OS 7 and the word “Proceeding” printed at the top of the casing, probably with the Powerful engines year association of the German bodybuilder. Safe To Be Opportunity for this phone is the fact That original year There are more long time of Rumors about a BlackBerry codenamed Porsche Knight.