ink-jet printing technology improves
shipments of inkjet printing in China is growing year by year, the printer ink market there is competition, and prices plummet, the Chinese jet printing market is steady and demand, competition intensifies, major manufacturers continue to improve its R & D water products, the continued application of new technology also allows the printer ink to print in different areas, it is most important competitive advantage, therefore, against the wider market. Popular inkjet printers on the market today, the three most common types of technology inkjet: Thermal Foam Technology, Micro Piezo technology and Canon’s FINE print technology, today we go into details, which is fine technology Canon printhead

FINE. FINE technology print head full of so-called “Full-photolithography Inkjet NozzleEngineering Chinese Translation: Full Plate Photo Inkjet  nozzle print head technology, FINE technology can produce extremely small ink Drop size and can range from a slight increase in the minimum size particles to ensure that the final figure was more sensitive <. br />

measuring image quality output are six main factors, namely, color, tone, grain, contrast and levels influenza virus, which takes clarity and quality. From the beginning of Inkjet printers are the ink to obtain an accurate picture of the media, especially how to control ink droplets to be the key to improving the quality of the image output .

FINE print head employs thermal inkjet technology projects General printhead jet component thermal resistance of heat to vaporize the nozzle at the bottom of liquid ink and form bubbles, the signal disappeared after heating, heated ceramic surface cooling, but the remains of the maximum pre-bubble accelerated heat, pressure falls to a certain pressure to overcome the surface tension  quickly expelled from the nozzle and droplets of ink from the reduction of back-end, the bubbles disappeared and a completely separate drops of ink to form a complete process inkjet.

thermal ink jet technology and ink-jet technology, Fine Contrast (Picture planet Uranus)
Canon FINE print head technology, the inkjet process can produce the same steady enough to achieve accurate placement. Then, the Canon FINE print head technology to do what exactly is this high quality picture, then;

Canon FINE print head technology for high quality printing, the print head has made a breakthrough in ink three manufacturing high precision the temperature of ink print head, a strong jet to overcome resistance air.

production of high precision manufacturing head printhead Canon, to avoid heating of the central  droplet formation does not occur during the shift, using an integrated design of molding, contour accuracy and size, such as ink droplets ejected from the jet center line of the opening line is compatible only with steadily declining.

ink droplets from ink jet printing process
temperature before we talked about the operation of the printhead FINE, the most critical aspect is the droplets of ink and the process of separation, the Canon FINE print head technology that can effectively control the ink is completely separated from the jet to maintain a constant temperature and the droplet size, no extra drops of the jet, the jet energy can be kept accurate positioning.

thermal inkjet technology and the inherent advantages compared
Canon FINE print head technology and technology overall thermal inkjet, compared with the advantage of FINE print head technology to Canon, to maintain a constant temperature drops, thermal technology inkjet  normal temperature is so different, both the viscosity and pressure is different and separate ink droplets are difficult to ascertain the location and time, the sizes of droplets produced. Moreover, the separation of droplets, but also a waste of energy have resulted in incorrect site of injection.

DNA Canon printer inkjet; FINE print head technology
1999, Canon introduced herself 6-ink color, the print resolution of most high precision 1200dpi, the smallest droplet size that 4PL after nine years of development, now Canon’s FINE technology print head has gone three sizes of nozzles, the maximum print resolution of 9600, as the smallest ink droplet size of 1pl.

Canon in fine print head and the ink volume reduction, the smallest droplet size to achieve a high-quality 1pl print to improve the density and number of nozzles to improve the movement of the head guarantees print print frequency while achieving faster printing.  Canon FINE technology head Printing is the basic inkjet technology for years, is also high quality and fast print print, and on high-density nozzle array is also a prerequisite for high-speed printing. Now that the technology is fine, the Canon PIXMA series inkjet color Teng has been the focus of most advanced products in the industry.