Canon IXUS 105 reviewCamera IXUS 105 is an excellent combination between ease of use, high quality images and design remarkable IXUS. Capture incredible detail with 12.1 MP, 28 mm lens and Smart Auto mode (Intelligent auto).

Smart Auto mode (Intelligent auto) technology for detecting the scene to determine the scene the camera from the brightness, contrast, and hue of the whole distance of the subject. The Board then selects the appropriate scene from a number of 18 possible variants and applies the optimum settings, giving the user the freedom to frame and photograph. Intelligently adjusts exposure with Flash power and use Flash, helping to prevent problems such as the dark backgrounds and shadows on faces and producing natural results in a variety of conditions.

Face detection technology identifies up to 35 faces in a scene and adjusts focus, exposure, Flash settings and white level with a view to achieving optimal results and natural hues of the skin. FaceSelf-Timer (Timer automatically for faces) facilitates group photos, triggering the shooting after an additional face enters the frame. Function corrects red-eye removes this effect from shooting or playback.

Motion Detection Technology detects movement in the shooting scene and camera shake. Optimal ISO level is then automatically set to minimize blur and maximum image quality achieved.

Canon IXUS 105 features:

Thin IXUS camera with 12.1 MP
28 mm lens with 4 x zoom. Image stabilizer (IS) optical
PureColor II LCD display by 6.8 cm (2.7)
Smart Auto (Intelligent auto), Smart Flash Exposure (Exposure with Flash smart)
Face detection, automatic timer for faces and automatically correct red-eye
Movement detection technology
Creative shooting modes
VGA Movies