1 Digital Printing Technology Development Course
What is Digital Printing: digital printing digital printing technology. Refers to a printing process, some or all digital. For example, laser typesetting, remote transmission version of Direct Digital Plate secure computer, digital workflow, ERP within the field of digital printing

development process of digital printing technology, such as intense competition in market, professional print makers must be long-term growth. For severe, early preparation, as soon as possible, otherwise it loses its market opportunities and even lost their lives in the room was out of the market. Concerned about the rapid growth of technological change and progress in science and technology is particularly important today. digital printing products and technology of China, due to changes in the last ten years shows clearly what the point

Digital Printing I:. Lead and />

Digital Printing II. Remote Communication Science
Ten years ago, readers can not see beyond the date of publication of days, especially in remote areas, we often old news is news, not to mention the timeliness of the information. A digital communications technology to replace the traditional printed version published in various places, such as providing,  improved timeliness and accuracy of remote publication. . Today’s network and outside the publishing and printing

3 Digital Printing: Color and picture People
place a color desktop publishing systems may Electronic color separation As if the machine is still a debate yesterday, with the image processing technology, separation techniques, color management technology, image scanning, communications and other technologies, this debate has become history. Desktop publishing systems to improve the color of color paper map of the coherence and effectiveness of artificial discs and the publication of a biological together, so we have a creative design, publishing and printing a simple message forwarding art

Digital Printing 4.: Farewell
pen and paper technology, network, network processing and publishing, technology, information technology identification, information technology, information dissemination, technology development  and development of computer technology and networks, using digital editing for publication. Stage of development of this technology is a digital version, the most important thing is that all digital printing and publishing to achieve cross-media publishing an important step

5 Digital Printing.  If you open any technology related publications and printing, computer plate (CTP), film scanning, digital workflow (workflow), digital proofing and ensuring the long-distance, control the printer Print on Demand, Fast print a lot, which is published in order to achieve high printing goals of efficiency, quality and management

Digital Printing VI:. multi-media publications and Web
post the same set of digital content through various media release that the cross-media publishing, for example, the document is a printed paper is not only newspapers,  published in book form ( paper, means liberation), but also through the network to any device, anywhere to create, manage and provide high-fidelity, reliable, interactive, personal digital content (web publishing).

printing of information, when demand for the treatment of multiple output of digital printing technology makes greater demands.