Digital technology is the use of digital technology to personalize the document processing system after use Prepress Fapai Photo transmitted directly to the network of digital printing, print to final product. Personalized products, such as people awareness of digital printing technology in everyday life and produce more and more. Especially in recent years, technology, box, carton printing application development itself has opened a new site.

Development Status Investors are now digital printing on the package of interest, because it is a big market and digital technology to deliver exceptional value. Mr. Kodak VenkatPunuhtham explained: “The market is part of Kodak’s digital strategy is Kodak, a digital service providers interested in packaging, digital printers, all moving in this sector and the market.” Many companies print have already begun to expand the scope of digital technology packet  printing, but the technology can really penetrate the market before to improve their equipment to achieve complete printing package.

This means that a wide range of applications of digital printing, packaging printing materials, including heavy weight materials Quantitative such a large cardboard box material. For example, white ink for printing or the ability to print on a variety of tone colors, these needs were mainly occurred in packaging and printing, but rarely other printing applications. In its initial development, is to some extent these factors limit the number stated in the application package. Another digital printing, characteristics that must overcome many problems such as print density and gloss. Digital press manufacturers to improve packaging and printing technology as key factors in the three major R & D:. Feasibility, functionality and quality printing

Technical progress and now we can already see a lot of fun packaging and digital printing applications. As small farmers in the short run print products packaging (paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, etc.), packaging, type proof, corrugated printing, custom printing packaging, packaging materials, printing variable data. Today, digital printing has been developed especially suitable for up to 7 color printing with spot color and color of the specific requirements of the label and packaging printing enterprises, such as a spot color or spot color and other safety. High quality printing up to 2400 dpi, 230 lines / inch high-precision imaging to ensure that the labeling and packaging is very attractive, patented electronic ink print image sharper, clearer edge of the network is weak and does not spread, and to ensure that the permanent color labels and packaging. Some digital presses  fast and stable, while the integration of high-quality printing, you can also polish, capsule wrinkling, die cutting, folding a useful completion of a casting process, which allows production of a personalized on-demand type of machine thread is associated with high quality and stability of automation, saving preparation time accelerate the operating speed of delivery.

Many users are now digital printing digital presses, such as corrugated cardboard used for direct printing six colors (except yellow, magenta, Qinghe 4-color light cyan and light magenta are two types of spot-color) that using them to provide customers with lower levels of packaging and test packages help in conducting more targeted marketing, and provide users with tailored products and programs to promote POP. />
the application examples of packaging and printing companies to help meet market demand, find new profit growth print vendors point  compete for the interest you are already a digital wrapper, many well known manufacturers of digital printing system for printing and get some success. What is the fastest growing digital printing ink.

1 . Xeikon company in the packaging printing company started in XEIKON digital color presses are mainly DCP 320S, 500SF DCP500SP and XEIKON DCP DCP500SP digital printer is mainly used in packing boxes, paper cups for liquid packaging, printing, printing speed 63rd Zhang / analysis years of 600dpi.

XEIKON patented magnetic particle imaging technique, high quality network technology, which is associated with the production of powerful tools and precise color control register is to ensure the quality of their digital printing based on its value.