When the Micro Sim idea was launched by Apple, there were people all over the world trying to trim down their Sim Cards in order to fit in that tiny hole. Of course, this is going to be all well and good for a while, but happens if you want to turn your Micro SIM Card back into a regular SIM Card? Seems a bit impossible right? I am sure you have tried plenty of times to make something small into something much bigger. However, I have a couple of practical tips for you which you can put into action right now. All of these will help you turn your Micro SIM card into a regular size again. You don’t actually need much to do this, all your need to do is grab a precision knife, a bit of plastic and SIM Cards and you are ready to go!

Step One

Firstly you will need to grab an old SIM Card which you are done with using. You can actually pick these up from most stores nowadays, so it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on one of them. You will also want an old gift card or a similar piece of old plastic (credit cards work fine for this too!). Trace the shape of your normal sized SIM card onto this piece of plastic and cut it out with a sharp knife.

Step 2

The next step is to cut around the area in the centre of your ‘mock’ SIM Card with an area where you feel the contacts are going to be located when you place the SIM card into the device. This may take you a couple of attempts. Make sure you trace your MICRO SIM onto this piece of plastic, that way you can catch the various nuances in sizes and therefore ensure you get the job done perfectly.

Step 3

Slip your MICRO SIM Card into your brand new older. It should hopefully fit if you have done everything correctly. You may need to play about with it a tiny bit in order to squeeze the SIM Card in there. Make sure you have a precision knife handy, this way you can make fine adjustments to the hole. Your MICRO SIM Card may be a little loose in its hole, don’t worry about though, just slap some tape onto the back and it should hold it in place. Only use a small amount of tape though, otherwise you run the risk of the SIM card not fitting into the area that it needs to go into.

Step 4

There isn’t really a step four. It really is this easy to convert a MICRO SIM into a regular SIM card. You may need to play around with one or two settings in the menu of your device if you are looking to change carriers, but for the most part you are going to be good to go.