Nuance, the creators of the famous Dragon Naturally Speaking have now unleashed the latest version on the world. Let me introduce you to Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.

The program allows the user to dictate speech, which is then converted to text on the screen, all with startling accuracy. The latest version includes a number of improvements, most notable the improvements related to both Gmail and Hotmail integration. It also has the ability to allow Android Smartphones to become wireless microphones for your computer.

Chief Marketing Officer at Nuance, Peter Mahoney said “Dragon 12 is a remarkable leap forward in voice recognition technology, with dragons increased accuracy, speed and more than 100 new features, the technology simply disappears and your ideas flow onto the screen in front of you”

There are two versions of the software. The first is the Home edition which has all of the basic functionality of the software, but it doesn’t include some of the more advanced feature of the premium edition. This means you aren’t going to get professional features such as Bluetooth Headset Compatibility, the ability to transcribe records and extensions that are compatible with both Microsoft Word and Excel.

You are able to pick up both versions from the Nuance Online Store. The Home Edition retails for $99.99 and the Premium Edition will set you back $199.95.

You should bear in mind that this software is only compatible with Windows. If you want the Mac version then you will want to be looking out for software also sold my Nuance called ‘Dragon Dictate’ and ‘Mac Speech’. No new version of this software is currently in the pipeline.