Evernote 2.0 aunches Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is now available in Marketplace

Evernote 2.0

Evernote has reached version 2.0 and is now available on Windows Phone 7.5, that if you received your phone OS Mango.

Evernote is a suite of software and services with the sole purpose of taking notes and archive them. The word “note” does not necessarily mean text, but a web page, a photo, voice memo or even a handwritten note on a touchscreen. You can also attach files of all kinds at your notes and Evernote is pretty famous that they have versions for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Ios and WebOS.

Launched in 2008, already reaching over 11 million users, Evernote in version 2.0 is now available for free with limited storage and Windows Phone 7.5. Paid versions offer more storage space and can easily synchronize notes between your PC and smartphone or other terminals.