Yeah, you read it well, facebook, after many applications for smartphones is developing Facebook Phone in cooperation with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. It will be HTC touch screen phone but with integrated facebook services and HTML 5 for viewing and using facebook site and its services. Facebook corporation was cooperate with Samsung few times, but they decide that HTC will be better manufacturer for their phone. Phone will be named Buffy, but this is just a rumor, we will need to wait to get its real name. Facebook decide to develop smartphone because 350 000 000 people uses FB daily and FB mobile application is one of most used applications on mobile devices, and many of facebook users will probably love this phone and need it to stay in touch with their fb friends. There are no any official informations about phones specifications and design, but we think that phone will be average and much cheaper than other HTC smartphones. We will need to wait for this phone at least for one year.