Fall Asleep Easily, Wake Up Rested With StealthGenie Android Spy Software

StealthGenie Android Spy Software

It is hard to rebuild trust on a cheating spouse and requires struggle and patience to live with a person, previously involved in extra marital affair. The continuous distrust over spouse with only one question on mind ‘is he again cheating on me?’ or ‘is she again befooling me for someone else?’ keeps on bugging and discomforting one’s soul. To get rid of such dilemma, close your eyes, free your brain set aside the worries and remember your past successes. Visualizing yourself in happy times will lead you to a stress free world, feel how it felt and what was in that time that kept you happy the most. Be proud over your achievements and rekindle them with pleasure. You are not unsuccessful, be proud of yourself and open your eyes with a belief that you can pass through this tough phase as well.

It is your battle and you have to win it, the struggle to trust your spouse again is no doubt painful and will take time. The ever occurring thought of cheating will not stop following you, but the point is how you are able to rise above these odds. Don’t let these negative thoughts ruin your life and relationship. Don’t make abrupt anguished decisions, every time a wave of anger strikes you cool down yourself and take action with relaxed brain. Looking back at turmoil won’t help you enough. So, just be careful and live for yourself. Stop seeing yourself as a failure and don’t even consider your marriage a disaster in disguise. Instead think of ways to turn the tables and turn them for the good. You are more capable of succeeding; you have done it before, and can do it again.
If the thought of betrayal is taking you down then install StealthGenie Mobile Spy software in your spouse’s mobile phone secretly. It works as a sense of relinquishment and serves you in the best possible way. This Android application will run in your spouse’s mobile and monitor all the events occurring on their smartphone. It will help you see their live movement using ‘Geo Live Location Tracking’ and even allow you to draw manual boundaries on a map provided on the user interface of the StealthGenie’s Member Area. The map is operational of all Android devices and work accurately with GPS navigation and cell tower, leaving no place for the absconder to cheat. For example, you can enter the name or mark the place where your spouse’s former sweetheart lives and whenever your partner again found entering their house or either locality is breached, instant notifications will go straight to you.
StealthGenie Android Spy Software allows the user to keep record of all the phone calls either dialed or received on the target phone. Time and date of all the calls are also provided to the Android spy software user. SMS and Email logs are uploaded and can be viewed on the online interface. Even the photos, videos and music files stored on the target phone are viewable on the user’s account. This software allows the spouse to even wipe out all the phone memory, yet keep the records on Member Area. The user interface provides all the details with time logs. Another exquisite feature is that the user can remotely lock the phone, if they want to get revenge, smartphone owner will never know what exactly has gone wrong with their phone. Hence, you can sleep easily and wake up with relaxation of not being fooled again.