After a lot number of docking stations for the Apple iPhone, finally it is here – docking speaker for the Android phones. For comparison, there are over 1000 docking speakers available for Apple devices, and only few unsatisfactorily speakers for other phones. One quilty made and nice designed comes from Philips and it is named Philips Fidelio AS351. Philips Fidelio AS351 speaker does not work like dock for iPhone because Android phones are unable to reproduce music through micro USB connector. Philips made Fidelio AS351  dock station with micro USB connector for charging your phone and the music is reproducible through bluetooth. In this way you do not spent your battery and still can listen your favorite music on the speakers. For using your phone in connection with dock speaker you will need to download Philips Fidelio app, but it is only optional, you can connect your phone using standard bluetooth connection from your settings. Once the application is opened Bluetooth will automatically be turned on and connected when you are in range less than 10 meters from speaker.  Philips Fidelio AS351 can work with power supply, or you can just put 4 x AA or LR6 Alkaline batteries in it for outdoor use. Operating time on batteries is about 8 hours. Also, there is AUX 3.5 mm connector, so if you do not want turn on bluetooth you can use this way of connection to play music through Philips docking speaker. Sound of Dock Speaker is great 3L acoustic volume on every woofer is perfectly aligned for impressive listening experience. Price of  Philips Fidelio AS351 is $100 and you can buy it on Amazon store.