In less than a month, the world is going to be introduced properly to the brand new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, which is of course the 8th incarnation of the Operating System. This version has been designed to run on both mobile devices as well as on personal computers, and therefore it comes as no surprise that Microsoft have gone in a completely different direction with this operating system, even copying some of the most popular features that Apple and Android offer. However one feature that stands above the rest is the introduction of the Windows 8 store, so let’s take a little look about why Microsoft have copied the idea that Android and Apple had first.

Increased Profit

First and foremost, this is a profit generation exercise. As Microsoft will be in total control of the Windows 8 store, they will get a slice of the money that any of the applications generate when they sell. Windows have a pretty captive market here, and the majority of personal computers out there will be running the software, and that means a lot of money in Microsoft’s pocket.

Better Delivery of Software

Microsoft has always been an advocate of digital delivery of software, even before it was a glint in the eyes of Apple and Android. This is evident due to the fact they have a massive Xbox Live store at their disposal where people can download games. Clearly their tests here have indicated that this is certainly an avenue worth pursuing. Clearly software now sells better than in retail situations.

It is what people expect

When you own a device nowadays, you basically expect that you are going to have a plethora of software to download right there at your fingertips. In the past, Windows lacked this feature and thus it did steer many people clear of the operating system on cell phones, what they did have in place was pretty poor, and not many developers were on the system. However, the Windows 8 store is now going to be a focal point of the newest operating system, and this is what people want, and it may swing a few sales in the favor of Microsoft.

Allows the Software to compete on a Level Playing Field

As mentioned previously, Microsoft now has something which previously gave their competitors their edge. Consumers have much more choice now when it comes to purchasing the operating system, and owing to the strength of the Microsoft Brand, it could swing a few votes in their favor.

Less Security Flaws in Windows

Many experienced computer users steered clear of Windows owing to the amount of security flaws in it. In fact, if you talk to any ‘Mac User’ they will most likely say they converted as it is a more secure product. With the Windows Store, Microsoft will be able to control the software that is being listed, which prevents people having to browse the internet for the latest software. Ultimately this means that fewer people will be affected by ‘security holes’ and in general the system appears much more secure.