Foshan 5 Ceramic Machinery and equipment for local companies have jointly written by gravure roll China’s patent review board to print this technology is the first to use the patented technology is a creative and innovative technology companies is the Italian system invention, and several other important reasons, strongly insists that the Italian companies in China received a patent. China’s patent review board formally accepted the application, this incident has caused widespread concern. >> Screen Printing Ceramics Beautiful Arts Center

reasons: to use the patented technology has already
It is obvious that the November 28, 1994, the system of the Italian company of China Trade Promotion Committee of China Patent and Trademark Office patent number 94118976.7 Office “glazed and decorated with a rotating machine” invention patent, 11 October 1995 patent for publicity. A patent is a ceramic industry collectively, the “potonganxxx gravure cylinder technology, mainly used in ceramic tile printing. Proprietary technology, the Italian market at par gravure printing machine China SYSTEM Monopoly” sale.

monopoly of patents and sales of the company created a ceramic machinery Chancheng outcry from the business. Recently, five large ceramic Chancheng machinery and equipment on board companies in China patent review withdraws the patent application is accepted. The company believes that the patent is registered in China before the Chinese printing and other industries for a long time with this technology, patents, and therefore not an innovation, inventiveness. The strongly demand that China withdraw the Patent Office to change the current system of patent monopoly of the Italian company “gravure printing machine roller” status, but also in Chinese pottery manufacturers of machinery and equipment to fair competition market.

br  “gravure printing technology in China has long been used, is now fully capable of their own businesses, and Foshan Jin Koujiao roll gravure printing machine at the same level of devices so why spend this money wasted? “correspondence relating to the ceramic engineer business equipment, said the officer.

Search: Patent threshold for companies to link hands and feet of ceramic tile manufacturing
printing technology plays an important role. Gravure printing machine roller as flat-screen color printing machine efficiency and effectiveness of the work has obvious advantages, many of the ceramic product design process can be established only gravure roll, a ceramic enterprises Chancheng gravure printing machine roller with demand increasing every year. Gravure printing machine roller

abroad in recent years, the production of ceramic products was very popular, there is something more than an Italian company.  But in China, Italy, SYSTEM This patented technology monopoly, Jin Koujiao roll intaglio printing machine and accessories are expensive, limited building materials and equipment import license, Jin Koujiao roll engraving machine Print is in short supply domestically, Foshan just over 10 powerful ceramic companies that buy the device.

Foshan ceramics industry, Lan, Secretary General of the Guards, the Italian company monopoly not only increased the production costs of enterprises in Foshan ceramics is limited to domestic quality ceramic products has grown rapidly and affected the international competitiveness of China, ceramics, pottery, tie the hands of domestic enterprises in Foshan and the foreign markets .

Chancheng said that the number of ceramics and its subsidiary companies SYSTEM expensive equipment is not perfect after-sale service and spare parts are difficult to maintain a passive attitude towards the poor production significantly  This state monopoly is difficult to create equal conditions.

sufficient evidence to request a review of five companies SYSTEM patent application for the withdrawal of Italy, the copyright Foshan City Ai, Deputy flat appearance, Foshan company the patent is invalid, “Review of how companies are constantly improving the awareness of patents, as evidence, sufficient reason to succeed.

His view of patent technology, if you have the right to the invention, particularly to see if the novel, the three characteristics of creativity and practicality. A review, “the patent is invalid, “the key ceramic Chancheng companies must provide adequate paper, the image data, technical evaluation, etc., is sufficient to prove that the patent is not an innovation and creativity, on the other hand, if a patent gravure printing technology in China before the first use  ceramics industry, the Commission and other agencies through the national patent, the first use of the patented technology of entities or persons before the law to use a patented, it can be done by the existing scale and area of production and operation. If you are printing and other industries before, we must consider the immigration process, the ceramic industry, creativity, research and evidence gathering is a complex process.