Fujitsu Lifebook P771Fujitsu today announced the new Lifebook equipment deliveries P771, a latest generation laptop completely equipped for work supported. From its small dimensions and weight of just 1.3 kg and up to the battery resistant and modular system, all the features of the new Lifebook P771 were created to meet the needs of mobile users.

Fujitsu Lifebook Notebook P771 has a battery autonomy of up to 18 hours thanks to the combination of its chipset’s latest generation of Intel ULV processors and (ultra low voltage) with the design of the equipment effectively in terms of energy, which includes hard drives optional SSD and a secondary battery, optională, which may be implemented in a modular system.

Optional, the Lifebook notebook P771 may have a 0-watt AC adapter to ensure interruption of power consumption when the equipment is switched off. This guarantees a low power consumption and extending battery life by avoiding overload.