Android Ice Cream Sandwich is a unified operating system name of the first Google Android series, compatible with both tablets and smartphones.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich uses a single interface that can be scaled for both screen sizes. Change is coming to the aid of software developers, allowing the creation of applications that can operate on both types of devices. Being eliminated the need to create separate versions for Tablet and smartphone, development time and effort to create new applications is low, and users have the guarantee that they will be able to use your favorite applications on the Android phone and a tablet.

Google announced the Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Launch announcement for Ice Cream Sandwich has followed for Android 3.1, the next version of the Android operating system noticed the Honeycomb, through new features such as support for widgets in the application launcher expandable and extended compatibility with peripherals connected using USB interface.

Unfortunately the launch date for Ice Cream Sandwich has not been made public, but whereas the fact that the current Android 3.1 Honeycomb is available for installation on compatible devices starting from today, the next version is at least a few months away from an official release.