Google is pushing strongly in the world of healthcare with its glucose-detecting contact lenses, the Google Genomics cloud storage project, and most notably, its new cancer-detecting pill.

The cancer-detecting pill contains magnetic nanoparticles that attach themselves to cancerous molecules that may or may not be flowing through your bloodstream. The pill would then actually be able to notify you on your wearable device whenever it has accomplished its cancer purging.

Google Cancer Detecting Pill

Even though it’s still years from hitting the market, it’s one of those game-changing technologies that only Google has the money, intuition and ambition to create.

The wearable device that reads these particles could be configured to send information, across the internet, back to a doctor. The idea is that you or your doctor could monitor your health in a more consistent way. So, you get a more continuous monitoring, rather than episodic monitoring of potential health problems.