Google Chrome 11.0.696.57 is the first official version of Google Chrome 11 generation, recommended to all categories of users and released simultaneously for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

Besides numerous bug fixes and performance optimizations, Chrome and few amenities include 11 new and very interesting.

API support for HTML5 has received recognition of vowel and backdoor text-to-spech, allowing the integration of a richer set of features in the applications (web apps) created for Google Chrome 11.

Google Chrome 11 review

Very appreciated among holders of devices with Android operating system, the Office of Recon vowel of Chrome 11 offers a functionality similar to that encountered in smartphone devices. Vowel recognition engine has some limitations though, there are situations in which the speaking of words with a pronounced accent, or too fast can lead to the generation of a high number of errors of interpretation.

List of new facilities introduced by Google Chrome 11 may include support for 3D acceleration of CSS elements, an application screen similar to that encountered on devices and Android smartphone with a restilizata version of the Google Chrome logo.