Google Chrome – favorite for 160 million usersGoogle Chrome basically has doubled the number of users, becoming the favorite web browser for 160 million from the world of the entire internauti.

If after a year of Google Chrome has just 70 million users, increasing in popularity which he enjoyed among the adherents of platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is impressive but not completely unexpected, given the considerable efforts made by Google for the promotion and improvement of the facilities put at the disposal of users.

Google plans remain at least as ambitious for the next months, the roadmap for future versions of Google Chrome continuing among other integration functions directly in the browser recognition of vowel and optimisations to improve interactiunii with the user. For example, users of Google Chrome will be able to use the vowel recognition function to translate words in real time, in one of the languages spoken supported Google Translate service.

Soon, Google Chrome will get a higher performance version of the engine and improved HTML5 support WebGL.

Regardless of changes brought to the level of functionality, Google will continue to give top priority on performance optimizations and achieving a high level of security possible.