Being a bit of a web geek I don’t spend a great deal of time watching football matches, I’ll watch England when they play during the World Cup and it’s on one of the free TV channels and maybe the odd football match when there isn’t anything on TV.

Despite my lack of active participation in this spectator sport I’ve seen plenty of instances where the referee has screwed up severely and wondered why in the 21st century the beautiful game of football a multiple billion £ industry where strikers are sold for increasing millions (Renaldo for £80 million recently!!) why they don’t use relevant technologies like Hawkeye to improve the game.

The Premier League for example were close to perfecting goal-line technology at Reading with the use of Hawkeye, but UEFA president Michel Platini refuses to use it despite instances like over the weekend Crystal Palace lost against Bristol City when an obvious goal (apparently obvious to the players of both teams as well) was disallowed!

Instead the UEFA president approved the addition of two further officials for the Europa League who will monitor each goal line/penalty area. Apparently there is a 7,000 football officials shortage in the UK already, where will these extra eyes come from?

Football Fans Want Goal Line Technology

A BBC online poll found that 85% of nearly 80,000 fans who voted goal-line technology should be introduced into football.

Hawkeye is successfully used in cricket and tennis, there is no good reason not to use Hawkeye goal-line technology in football.