Anyone who has purchased in the last 2-3 years a monitor or an LCD TV has heard from the two types of video connectors. The major difference as compared to the old connectors D-Sub is that transmit a digital signal, responsible for a higher quality of the image.

DVI or Digital Visual Interface, is the oldest of the two, entering the market in 1999. The 29 pins are used to transmit uncompressed digital video signal to a display device. HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface was introduced in 2003 and conceptual DVI differs in that it transmits as audio by those of its 19-pin.

DVI is more popular in computer monitors, most current video cards being equipped with this type of connectors. HDMI port has been done for LCD TVs to drive video with HD resolutions, but it can be found on a number of more than one video card.

The two connectors are partially compatible, being available adapters to DVI-D to HDMI. Returning to the title of this material, a company of analysts published a study which claims that HDMI port will remove the DVI port on the market in a few years.