Have you recently bought an 4G phone or you have 3g phone and want to test mobile speed connection? We have a solution for you, there is an available application for testing speed of your internet connection and it will check you internet connection on 4g phones and 3g phones. Application is free and it is called SpeedTest, made from guys from speedtest.net site. If you have 4G LTE connection mobile phone you will probably love this easy to use and decent looking app for Android phones and tablets. Application will give you speed of download, upload and ping on current location, with some detailed reports and statistics. Also, you will be able to view previous testing results and compare it to current one. Application is easy to use, you will just need to click on begin test and application will start to testing your phone/tablet mobile connection. Application is also available on iOS devices for free. If you need to test your home connection you can visit speedtest.net site and start testing connection on your desktop computer, laptop or netbook.