Did it happen to you?
Did your phone fall into the water?
Or you just noticed water stains on your screen?

In this short water damage tutorial we will help you repair or fix your smartphone or even tablet PC and save a few bucks on expensive repairs.

You can try to repair or fix any new smartphone like HTC Desire HD, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, iPhone 6 and many many new smartphones or tablets with a touch screen with this short tutorial.

But first of all, we strongly recommend you to take your phone to your nearest phone repair service if your phone includes essential data.

Also, if you phone is under warranty take it to your repair service, but water damage has already voided the warranty.

How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone Tutorial

Use these tips on you own responsibility.

If your phone has fell into water, turn it off if it is still turned on and quickly remove the phone battery.

Under the back cover there are two water indicators (little white/yellow circles).

One indicator is somewhere under the back cover and one is on the battery.

If both of indicators are pink, your whole phone (including the screen) was water damaged.

First of all you will need to disassemble/open your phone (You can find many articles and videos on YouTube on how to open your model of phone or tablet).

Try to pull out all phone hardware including the screen.
Try drying inside your phone with hairdryer but on low power.

How to Fix a Phone with Water Damage

Do not melt or burn your phone or even break small parts of your phone.

Also, try to put sponge on your screen for few hours.

Now you will need to leave your phone in a warm place without moisture for about 24 hours.

After that time try to turn on your phone, and if it its screen works your phone is fixed, if it does not work you will need to buy a new screen.

You can find cheap touch screens on eBay or even on Amazon.

Repair a Water Damaged Phone Screen

When you are changing the screen most important is to be careful with your new screen and try not to break its flat cable.

If you have noticed water circles on your screen, and your phone did not fall into the water, it is becauseĀ of moisture.

There is no solution for this problem, you could only replace your water damaged screen with a new one.

That is it, we hope that this phone repair tutorial will be helpful to you and that you will repair your touch phone with this easy tips.