iPhone 4S was introduced few months ago and does not have any innovations, but has one new application, it is Siri. Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps iPhone users to make thing on Apple smartphone just by asking and speaking with iPhone. But, now you can install Siri on your iPhone 3 GS or iPhone 4 for free and totally legally. But still there is a catch, you will need to know someone that owns iphone 4S, because you will need to find out proxy and data information from iPhone 4S. Also, your phone will need to be jailbroken and you will need to install Spire app on your device. This app will let you download Siri directly from Apple. After installing Siri application on your iPhone you will need to enter proxy server address fro your friends iPhone 4S, or you can just search for this data on the internet, and that is it, you can start using Siri on your older version of iPhone. For more details about how to install and use Siri on your phone visit blog at chpwn.com.