HP EliteBook 2760p is a screen touchscreen notebook with 12.1 inches, that can be rotated for transforming the device into a real tablet, but with the performance of a portable computer. In terms of the patterns we can choose between a processor from Intel Core i5 or Core i7, SSD storage device with a capacity of 160 GB or 250 GB harddisk, with the speed of rotation of the dishes of 7200 rpm. Connect to the internet is facilitated by the modem 3 g HSPA + network, or Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. In the basic configuration, the EliteBook 2760p can be purchased for the sum of $ 1499.

HP EliteBook 2760p

HP EliteBook 2560p uses a conventional 12.5 inches, but it is the easiest and thinner model in the series, with a weight of only 1.7 Kg, the fall and the DVD-RW. The configuration can contain one of the versions of the Intel Core i5, and for the storage of data we have to choose between your SSD 160 GB classic and a harddisk, whose capacity can vary between 250 and 750 GB. Connectivity 3 g HSPA + is present only as an optional accessory for this model. HP EliteBook 2560p can be purchased starting on 23 May, for a minimum $ 1099 in the basic configuration. For docking station will have to more sacrificăm still $ 149, receiving in exchange the four additional USB connectors, one eSATA connector, VGA and DisplayPort outputs, respectively.

HP ProBook 5330m

At a price of $ 799 for the basic configuration, the HP ProBook 5330m is the least expensive of the three. With a weight of 1.8 Kg, ProBook 5330m offers a screen 13.3 inch but waives the DVD-RW. In terms of the patterns we can choose between an Intel Core i3 or Core i5 performance, and the modem 3 g HSPA + is available as optional accessory.