Every day you see many mobiles with huge claims. But quality cannot be bought from every company. HTC Amaze 4G is one of best mobile available in the market. You see lot of features in one place. If you want to capture beautiful scenes or if you are in some party then, don’t forget to take HTC Amaze 4G with yourself. As the quality of picture is fine. The material used in it is matchless. Price also matters but if you have took decision to buy HTC Amaze 4G then it is your wise decision. Although price is very reasonable but it contains all necessary devices.
Internet facility:
When you are at home then mobile internet is not used. The reason why you do not use internet on mobile because it does not support heavy websites. Or speed is not high on mobiles but HTC Amaze 4G provides you with faster speed access. You can download heavy websites in some seconds due to supercharged 1.5 GHz dual core processor.
Audio and sound Quality:
Audio quality is like your laptop or personal computer’s speaker. It also makes sure that the speakers are of fine quality and every sound comes from HTC Amaze 4G looks very real.
Even it supports 1080p HD video. If you want to talk about the speed then, it is an immense pleasure because download speeds of 42 Mbps can be seen in this Smartphone. Call quality is awesome. Similarly one can use Wi-Fi.
Auto option:
If there is not favorable light around you but you want to capture the moment then one can use clear shot option. Similarly ultra wide shots are also possible with it. No need to change direction again and again to get amazing result. There is an auto option in this mobile. This will make sure that the final result has not any rough shade. The colors are as original as you see in real objects that are making it unique. HTC Amaze 4G also has option to manage your photo album. It ranks pictures and then one can easily shared his or her favorite pictures to dear ones without any delay.
T V and 4G network:
Now, no need to carry a heavy T.V with yourself because  HTC Amaze 4G has option to watch TV shows and just click a button or touch screen of this mobile. One can tune his or her favorite movies easily on this mobile. 4G network is a very important feature of this Smartphone. No need to pay extra for this facility. Ever thing having concern with internet can be seen due to this offer.
Google Maps:
There is another very unique characteristic that is Google Maps or search. You can find desired locations easily on your HTC Amaze 4G. The screen used in this Smartphone is big enough for enjoyment.
One can see that the display is about 4.3 inches. It is not as heavy as one see in market. If you want video chat then, this smart phone would solve all your problems.
Video chatting and communication:
You can see who is chatting with you? Or you can check their status too. Its memory card has enough capacity to keep your all documents in safe place. If you are in meeting or in conference then, you can see from your Smartphone. Emails and contacts details are very easy to understand and they have fast access. In short you will feel sorry if you miss it.