It has taken life as that of Omega, but it did not take long for the handset HTC Mango for people to be called Radar. Concurrent with the higher end of Titan (with its giant 4.7-inches display as well as listen to 1.5 GHz CPU), it has the capability to replace a large number of units of the company online Windows Phone – Trophy, Mozart as well as HD 7 all came to the thought. Yes, we can see other possibilities on the track, yet for now, it seems to be only two. While the aging radar chipset, its sealed battery as well as 8GB limited height will probably deter some buyers, it is possible to find a place in our hearts jaded.

Hardware features

When you look at the radar and find the HTC designers followed a minimalist aesthetic. For many, this might come through as a bit ‘harsh black and silver, but is unlikely to be missed. If anything, conservative appearance exudes style. Its heritagious front style, following the trophy is pretty obvious, although it is much cleaner lines, especially with front panels and buttons have been longer as well as slimmer. From that place, the radar will make an effective distinction from the ancestor with a unibody aluminum chassis, the envelopes in most of the phone. And ‘notable exception to this is basically a removable cover to access the SIM card area on its own. Yes, 1520 mAh battery has been sealed as well as there is no choice for expanding the memory – is only 8 GB (6.54GB available), built-in storage.


From the slide myTouch 4G, HTC began to take its implementing instrument more attentively. Whereas the radar is not quite at that level, your chops are very good image of themselves. It has a f/2.2 lens as well as the 5 megapixel backlight sensor which assures better pictures in low light. We claim voluntary testing from HTC and took many pictures in shaded areas of the city – literally, yet not figuratively. The results have been simply impeccable. The wider opening allows you to capture sharp images and vibrant, fast shutter speed and ISO values low. Of course, you would still face motion blurriness as well as a lot of noises in conditions which are really dark, but it is certainly anticipated. The main camera captures video in VGA of (640 x 480) resolutions, although 720p of (1280 x 720) resolution as well as QVGA (320 x 240) resolutions have been also the choices.


Windows Mobile 7.5 is here, and is obviously a welcoming inclusion to the line-up of HTC. We’ve covered extensively in a number of improvements Mango deeper review, hence majority of the area is dedicated to the software manufacturer’s additional. Microsoft did its best for providing users through an integrated ecosystem, and certainly worth the end result – both in the availability and performance.

Other features

We tested the camera mode and 720p video with VGA and I was pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the radar. A feature that we are particularly satisfied is the ability of the camera auto-focus continuously throughout the shoot. As stills, however, you encounter similar problems when shooting exhibition of films in mixed lighting conditions. There have been 3 buttons in the awesome handset, of which have been incredibly narrow and run almost exactly the body.