HTC Stunning with NFC support and related services

HTC Stunning

If some are phones because they have a room cameraphones, others are simply high end models that you forjezi for maximum performance, well it seems that you can make an attractive point of payment with your phone on a modern device. Thus, we present HTC Stunning, which has the advantage support NFC and related services.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a similar type of wireless Bluetooth and is ideal to replace the POS payment. Spread in Japan, this type of connectivity has its place on more and more devices.

Thus, all new BlackBerry sites come with support for the NFC, and to get this technology is just need a discrete chip thin and pasted on the inside of the casing of the phone, as we saw the Samsung Nexus s.

HTC will join this initiative through the model of phone Stunning in turn equipped with NFC.