last two decades, many printers have accepted the reality: it is to survive must adopt new technologies. Desktop Publishing, automatic plate change, CTP, JDF, and the survival and development of technologies played a crucial role in print. Today, the market continues to grow, a new printing technology, and to shake the dominance of offset printing technology.

In recent years, large-scale printing inkjet printing market has shown significant advantages over traditional printing methods. Traditional offset printing technology to improve? Special printing unit for increased automation and lower? Productivity has improved printing, but not as the developer of digital printing technologies, and is not suitable for use in personalized printing process, or short.

last two years, many large print vendors, such as:  Agfa, Fuji Film, Dainippon Screen, Kodak and Hewlett-Packard, has invested heavily in the development of inkjet products.

breakthrough in the field, the first commercially successful equipment color ink-jet printing systems at Kodak Versamark. This printer is mainly used for printing transaction mail, using high-speed continuous-tech inkjet, and may be 22.8 cm wide, water color ink for the printhead for printing of forms and invoices. DSTI Astron Versamark and other companies who are loyal users can use this equipment the average monthly print pages 16000000, maximum speed can reach 1000 ppm.

trans businesses promo (included in the invoice or declare the color) is increasing, the printing market has undergone tremendous changes. Since the quality of high-speed printing, more limited, so the role of color printing is to attract the best people in the eye, not the show itself, the color  effects.

speed color inkjet printing sector, Kodak and Dainippon Screen, co-launched by Screen prepress and workflow technology, as required by Epson piezo print head inkjet printer integrated TruepressJet520. The printer web width is 52 cm, the maximum speed can reach 64 m / min or 210 (A4) / minute, and water-based pigment. While other TruepressJet520 inkjet and prices for similar solutions, but print quality cycling Da Versamark better.

including high-quality printed materials including direct mail, people are more willing to let a true digital production company. The Company has fixed head ink jet printing with the press and general web use of UV curable printing ink. Moreover, they can print head Purcell (Xaar), authorized by Toshiba.

France inkjet technology developers INOV IPEX-Media Inc. last year introduced its own printer Jet7Pro, inkjet printer market is a typical  a breath of fresh blood. Essentially, the printing press, sheet-fed Jet7Pro, but institutions of Mexico inkjet print heads from Epson replaced. Jet7Quattro the newest model in the series, which not only uses the fastest printhead Xaar, but a different number of printhead so it can scan an entire page, and should be 360 and 720dpi resolution, duplex scanning. According to a number of different engines, this printer is able to achieve the maximum speed varies. For example, the four-Jet7Quattro printer can print up to 720dpi resolution to recognize the 160 pages or 400 pages B1 ordinary resolution of 360 dpi. Obviously Jet7 Series printers are generally fitted with engines 20-20.