iPad Mini Introduced Late October?, Release Date, Review, Logo Wallpaper

With some considerations and reasons for choosing that date.

Forbes estimated that Apple will launch iPad Mini on the 17th of October, however, there is currently another rumor circulating, ABC reported, most likely, the iPad Mini will be introduced on 23 October.

It was revealed that the tech site AllThingsD several predictions about everything to do with Apple proved correct. The site says, a small-sized iPad, or iPad mini will be unveiled to the media only limited in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

Some of the arguments as to why the date was chosen among others:

1. Apple has not announced a letter of invitation to the launch date of October 17, that is, too fast when its release date.

2. Microsoft will launch Windows 8 tablets, Surface, on October 26. So, if you want to get a big spotlight, Apple should be launching later than October 25.

IPad Mini Rumors presence have circulated for a long time, even from the beginning of this year. It is estimated, that the new gadget will display measuring 7.85 inches, with the same connector as the iPhone 5, and 3G/4G connectivity. Some pictures that awaited tablet that was leaked on the internet, even The Wall Street Journal reported, a few weeks ago, the mass production of small tablet that has already begun.

In the meantime, Apple declined to comment on rumors of the launch of the iPad Mini.