iPhone 4S accidentally confirmed by Vodafone Germany

iPhone 4S

Safer than the iPhone 5, iPhone 4 S launch seems to be a certainty that we will find it officially tomorrow, but until then, Vodafone Germany has included this item on the list of compatible accessories.

iPhone 4S appears in the list of compatible accessories for those at Vodafone Germany, specifically for this model a bumper is listed on the official website of the operator. In conclusion, the iPhone 4 S will have the same size  and the same design with the iPhone 4, but will be dissonance, both black and white.

News iPhone come with internal memory 4 S are now reaching up to 64 GB, up to 32 GB on the original and it looks like the old iPhone 4 will be available in a cheaper version with just 8 GB included, to be sold in emerging markets.