iStartupVideo add any video to start an iPhone or iPad


iStartupVideo Allows a video file type to start an iPhone or iPhone. Unlike displaying a boot logo animated movie does not seem to be restricted in time, the only drawback being that you must wait for its completion even if the phone has started at this time all the necessary services running and the operating system is functional. The application does not change the device’s performance. Because access to the system is not allowed by Apple to install and use this application is necessary for the device to be unlocked (jailbreak).

Transfer videos via SSH on the device at the location “/ var / mobile / Library / Startup Movies” and formats are supported. Mov and. M4v.

After installing the application on their Home Screen add a new icon is used to select the movie you want to run at startup and changes apply immediately. There are a limited number of videos that can be loaded into the application.