Finally it is here, all in one bluetooth headphone for all devices including cell phones, tablet pcs, desktop computers, laptops and netbooks. Jawbone Icon is old bluetooth headphone from jawbone, but now it comes with The Nerd and it has high definition sound quality. The Nerd is an USB receiver (USB Audio Adapter) for using/connecting Icon HD on your computer or other devices that do not have built in bluetooth receiver. The Nerd is positioned on headphone and you can easily take it out, connect into your computer USB drive and start make voice calls through internet or just listening your favorite music on this headset. Icon HD allows you to connect it to 2 devices at the same time.  It has simple but amazing design, like all of its predecessors from jawbone. Headphone battery gives you up to 4 hours of continuous use which is quite good, but for some people that would not be enough. Good thing is that on most phones battery status of Icon HD headphone will be shown. Also, Icon HD provides you crystal clear sound in high definition and it has more louder speaker (20% louder than other headphones). After all, we think that this is best headphone on the market, but we think that price of this headset is to high, it costs $139.99. If you are interested in buying it, visit Jawbone store.