Jet Car Stunts is free racing game for windows phone platform, but not exactly because it is a trial game. You can buy full game at WP market for $2.99. Difference between this game and other similar racing games is in simplicity and this game load and working very smooth and fast. If you access original game goal would not be to beat the time or get faster at target, only goal will be to finish every stage on it. There are for buttons in the game, accelerate, brake, drift and boost. For steering you need to tend your cellphone. Best thing about this game is if your car gets turn upside down you can easily restore it to right side by shaking your phone. There is also a freestyle game in it which goal is to collect points by drifting, grinding and drifting. This game is definitely not the easiest game, but it is quite quality made and designed, and similar to Stunt car racing games you can play on your computers or notebooks. Game graphic is pretty amazing. After all, it worth spending $2.99.