Kogan has launched the first laptop with Chrome OSElectronics maker Kogan appeared out of the blue and launched the first laptop that runs on the Google Chrome operating system, reaching the final before the line from Acer and Samsung.

Notebook Agora, reached the final line before the Acer and Samsung devices, can be ordered for the sum of 305 euros, as the following to start on June 7.

Agora comes equipped with an LED display of 11.6 inches, with resolution of 1366×768 and is put in operation by an Intel Celeron 1.3 GHz. Kogan has integrated in laptop DDR2 1 GB of RAM, along with a 30 GB SSD.

It has three USB ports and an Ethernet port, a 1 .3MP camera and an HDMI port. Producer support as Agora booteaza in 4.5 seconds. The device weighs 1.3 kg, has a thickness of 25 mm and a length of battery life of 3.5 hours.

Acer and Samsung are expected to launch their own laptops with Google Chrome since the middle of this month.