Laptops LG P430 and P530LG launches two new laptops, P430 and P530, they formed part of the new series Blade that will be launched during this month. The new series Blade ultra thin laptops promises and with a unique and innovative design without compromising performance.

Sophisticated design of laptops P430 and provide for a screen P530 super slim LED LCD, with dimensions of 14 inch, 15.6 inch respectively. New technology of the display, developed in collaboration with LG Display LED LCD screens, allows to be incredibly thin, with 50% thinner from a screens of the same class, but at the same time providing vivid colors and sharp images.

Laptops P430 and P530 are incredibly slight due to the materials used, model P430 having a weight of 1.94 kg. and a thick 23.8 mm, being more easily than conventional laptops with 13-inch screen, and the model has a weight of P530 2.2 kg, maul less from laptops with a 14 inch screen.

Processing power is offered by the latest generation processors from Intel Core i7 quad-core model, being 20% faster than its predecessor and with 50% faster to the cutting-edge processor Intel Core i5. Also, the laptops include a video card nVIDIA GeForce GT 520M.

LG P430 will be launched at the end of this month, following closely and launch model P530.