LG Victor a new phone with official name LG E720 Optimus Sol

LG E720 Optimus Sol

It seems that LG Victor will be sold with a rebranding and is thus known as the LG E720 Optimus Sol. Gingerbread midrange handset running Android 2.3 and comes with an AMOLED WVGA display 3.8-inch touch that reminds me of one of the LG Optimus 7. We also find out that the smartphone will use a single core processor 1 GHz and will be available in stores in silver and black colors, the price of 299 euros.

We are admonished to expect a phone via Vodafone launch in Q3 of this year. Perhaps the time we prefer to added another 200 euros and buy an iPhone in May, but those looking for a affordable phone will opt for LG Victor ( Optimus Sol).